The Story of Giving - Moomin 75 th Anniversary Charity Sale


About the organisers
Who are we representing? 
We represent the Moomin charity project. Our aim is to provide a new companion – a ‘Story-Telling Moomin’ - to children in need in Hong Kong through a charity sale, in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the publication of the first Moomin book; Moomin and the Great Flood. 
How is AFTEC involved? 
AFTEC is our charity partner. As a local charitable arts organisation, they work with children in need every day, using the power of Arts to empower children to fulfil their dreams and be all that they can be. They will be working with schools to get our Moomins to children in-need. 

How is ifc mall involved? 
ifc mall is our venue partner. Our Moomin Pop Up where you can purchase the Moomins for children in need will be hosted at ifc mall. 

Who is PPW? 
PPW is the master licensor for Moomin Characters in Hong Kong and Greater China. 

About the charity Initiative
How does the charity sale work? 
Buy a Story-Telling Moomin and a child in need will receive one too! HK$399 per set. All donors also receive a HK$50 ifc mall gift voucher. Purchase Story-Telling Moomins online at www.moomincharityhk.org or at the popup in ifc mall from end September. Corporate sales inquiries welcomed. Visit www.moomincharityhk.org for more details. 

Who will receive the Story-Telling Moomins? 
Story-Telling Moomins will be gifted to children in need in Hong Kong which will be arranged by AFTEC. They are all from local primary schools and live in disadvantaged environments, without adequate care, protection, financial or emotional support.

Why Story-Telling Moomins? 
The Story-Telling Moomins will become companions for these children. They will provide comfort, encourage children to engage with others and help them express themselves emotionally and creatively. 

How do we select these children? 
AFTEC, our charity partner, will work with local schools and social workers to identify children in-need. Schools all receive government assistance. (TA, STS, SIA, WGA, CSSA)

About the Story-Telling Moomins
Are the stories created by AFTEC? Where do the stories come from? 
These are Moomin stories written by Tove Jansson, one of the best Finnish artists and writers of all time. AFTEC as educators – and a child psychologist – ensure all stories are suitably adapted for Hong Kong children.

Why stories? 
Stories help children relate to themselves and the world around them. They also teach children how to cope with life’s challenges. Moomin stories with their message of love, kindness and acceptance of others give children a sense of optimism, hope and purpose in dealing with their own lives.

What are the stories about? 
The Stories are about the carefree and adventurous Moomin family – a family of trolls who are white and roundish with large snorts - who live in the Moominvalley. As we follow their stories, we learn about our own humanity, relationships and emotions – and especially about love!

In what language will the stories be told? 
The stories are in Cantonese as our children in need are local children. We hope to do an English version in the future. 

Is this a limited edition? How many Moomins will be produced for this campaign?
Yes, the Story-Telling Moomin is a limited edition. A maximum 10,000 Story-Telling Moomins will be produced for this campaign. 

About your donation
Can donor also donate his/her Story-Telling Moomin to children in need as well? 
Yes, and we thank you on behalf of the children!

Can donor decide where my gifted Moomin goes? 
Not for this initiative, but AFTEC will ensure your Moomin goes to a child in need.

Can donor get a tax deductible receipt for my donation? 
Yes, if you also donate your own Moomin to a child in need, you can get a tax deduction. Please contact Ms. Jasmin Law at 5263 3579 or Moomin_Charity@ifc.com.hk for further details. 

About care and maintenance
Is there a warranty for the Bluetooth speaker? What do I do if it is broken/ not working? What is the refund/ exchange policy? 
Yes, there is a six-month warranty. If the Bluetooth speaker has not been accidentally damage, we can exchange a new one for you. Please contact Ms Jasmin Law at 5263 3579 or Moomin_Charity@ifc.com.hk for further details. 

How long does the Bluetooth speaker battery last? Is it rechargeable? 
The battery lasts over four hours when fully charged. Yes, it is rechargeable.

Can I clean my Moomin plush by putting it in the washing machine? 
Yes, on gentle cycle. Please remove the backpack and Bluetooth speaker before washing.

About distribution 
When will the children in need receive their Moomins? 
By the end of this year. 

When will I receive my Moomin? 
If you purchase your Moomin at the ifc mall Pop Up, you can take it home with you. If you choose ‘delivery’ instead, you will receive your Moomin by the end of the year. 

What happens if I choose ‘delivery’ but don’t receive my Moomin? 
Please contact Ms Jasmin Law at 5263 3579 or Moomin_Charity@ifc.com.hk